Used Car Financing

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Can I Get Used Car Auto Financing?

Used Car Financing

Your search for used cars will likely lead to a search for used car financing. There are many cheap used cars for sale, but most require loans for purchase. If you are combing used car classified ads, don't forget to look for a great deal on financing. Here are some tips.

Use an Auto Loan Calculator
An auto loan calculator is available on Before you get your heart set on a particular car, you should work the numbers to be sure you are considering a car you can afford.

Consider Blank Check Auto Financing Loans
These kinds of auto loans give buyers a great deal of flexibility. The check is valid up to a pre-determined loan amount. Buyers present the check to the used car dealer and drive away with the car. Loan amounts are repaid not to the dealer, but to the finance company that provided the blank check.

Blank check auto loans are usually valid for a specified period of time. During that time, the buyer can lock in an interest rate and has the flexibility to shop around without haggling.



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