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Are vehicle title searches important?

The Importance of Vehicle Title Searches

Used car consumer reports are a great way to begin your search for a used vehicle. But don't stop there. A wise consumer will also do a vehicle title history on a used car. These reports are an unbiased run-down of what your potential vehicle has been through during its life on the road.

Here are a few topics you'll learn in a vehicle title report:

  • All owners of the vehicle (with dates)
  • Any accidents
  • Odometer mileage check (even if it was rolled back)
  • Any flooding, collisions, insurance totalling
  • Any auction sales

Should I search for a used car online?

Searching Used Cars Online

Don't let the remoteness of the Internet scare you away as you search for a quality used vehicle! More and more dealers are putting not only their entire inventory online, but they're also educating customers about purchasing used cars, providing used car reviews and even auto financing.

In fact, online searches are the best way to start looking for a used car or truck. Begin either by searching "online used car dealer" -- or some similar phrasing -- to look up dealers directly or, if you have a specific car in mind, enter its make and model, then "+used" to compare prices as well as safety and mileage ratings.

How can I pay for my used vehicle?

Auto Financing Through Your Dealer

So you want to buy a used car, but you're afraid you don't have the money. If you're buying from an individual, you will certainly have to have your money up front. Not so when you decide to purchase through a certified used car dealership. Many dealers can offer auto financing to suit your specific budget.

Dealers are in a position to offer low interest car loan rate incentives directly from the manufacturer. Rates can be as low as 0 percent or 2.9 percent to 3.9 percent -- something banks and auto finance companies cannot provide!

Check out online dealer collectives, as well. By working with a number of manufacturers and auto dealers at once, these sites have an even better range of low cost options for your car loan.

Should I buy a hybrid used car?

Hybrid Used Cars

Just because you're looking for a used car, don't think you have to give up your concern for the environment. Hybrid cars may seem like a new and extravagant novelty, but nothing is further from the truth. Hybrids are here to stay and they're only going to get better ... and less expensive.

Here's a recent list of best hybrid used cars:

Best Fuel Efficiency: Honda Insight. This car has EPA estimates of 57-60 city mpg, and 56-66 highway mpg, depending on your transmission choice.

Best SUV: Ford Escape. This car has about 28 mpg, on average.

Best Hatchback: Toyota Prius. This car has a great combination of electric motor and gasoline engine. According to actual owners, you can expect 41 to 48 mixed (city/highway).

Best Sedan: Honda Civic Hybrid. This car also offers an electric motor/gasoline engine combination, although the motor assists the engine, whereas it's the opposite in the Toyota Prius' case. Expect about 42 highway mpg.

Be sure to do your own research on these or other hybrid used cars to ensure the ratings are up to date.

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