Sell Your Used Car

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How to Sell Your Used Car.

Sell Your Used Car

Selling your used car can put you hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of dollars ahead when you are ready to purchase another car. But how should you determine used car pricing and where should you advertise for the best results? Here are some tips.

Advertising on the Internet is Probably the Best Way to Go

  • Newspaper advertising doesn't offer the bang it used to. Increase your chances of reaching your target audience by advertising on specialized sites such as or
  • As a back up, why not spread the word through friends, family and co-workers? Be prepared to talk about the used car market value and reliable figures such as those from the NADA used car price guide. Being prepared and confident can help you sell your used car more quickly.

Used Car Pricing should be Reasonable and Competitive.

  • Selling your used car should be a win-win for the buyer as well as the seller. You both bypass the middle man (the used car dealer), but you will both need to do a little extra leg work. Make the work worth your while by setting used car prices appropriately.

Don't Despair if You Don't Have Advertising Dollars
Just put a For Sale sign in the window and frequent high traffic areas.



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