Weather and Your Used Car

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Does local weather play a factor in choosing a used car?

Weather and Your Used Car

Weather plays a huge factor when buying a used vehicle. You have to consider typical weather conditions in your area when choosing your car or truck. Snowy, wet weather is generally not the place for older cars like the VW Bug, for example, since the salt laid out on the icy roads will eat away at the car's chassis. Conversely, living in the southwest part of the United States carries quite a few perks, not the least of which is good weather! You run less of a risk of salt damage, but more of a risk of sun damage. If you live in a particularly dry, hot climate area like Phoenix, keep in mind that your chassis will require extra protection from the sun. When looking for used cars in Phoenix Arizona or surrounding areas, speak with your dealer about extra steps you'll need to take to keep your car's chassis protected.



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