Ask the Right Questions When Buying a Used Car

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What Are Some Ways to Avoid Used Fraud?

Ask the Right Questions When Buying a Used Car

The best weapon for avoiding used car fraud? Arm yourself with information. When you know what questions to ask you increase your chances of buying a used car without a hitch.

No Question is Silly
Reputable used car dealers want you to feel comfortable with the sales experience and your used car. Look for dealers that:

  • Invite your questions
  • Appear knowledgeable in their response
  • Make sales transactions transparent

Know What Questions Help You Avoid Car Buying Scams
There are countless valuable questions that you can ask. Here are a few samples:

  • Where was the vehicle purchased from?
  • Has the vehicle sustained any damage?
  • Have you inspected the vehicle? What did you find?
  • Has the vehicle been serviced? What did you do?
  • Is all of the paperwork required for registration available on site? If you cannot leave with the appropriate documents of sale, don't leave with the car.
  • Has the car ever been used as a rental car?

Know Something About the Used Car Dealer.

  • Avoid used car dealers that look like fly-by-night operations. Be sure the car you are purchasing is genuinely available from the seller for legitimate sale.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau or your local Chamber of Commerce to be sure the dealer is legitimate.



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