Used Car Advertising

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What Makes for Good Used Car Advertising?

Used Car Advertising

Used car advertising is a very inexpensive way to find buyers for your used car. You can list with multiple services for nominal fees and reach millions of potential buyers. Thinking of posting your car in the used car listings? Here are some tips.

Use Clear, Compelling Language
You know your car best. What can you say about your car that will appeal to potential buyers? What you say might depend on who you think the buyer might be. What do you think is most important for potential buyers to know about your car?

Leave out language that doesn't give specific information about the car. Buyers must weed through many used car listings and yours is more likely to make an impression if it gives information that is useful and concise.

Be Available to Potential Buyers

  • Give good contact information and be available to talk with potential buyers about the car you are selling. It can be frustrating to go through lists of used cars for sale, find the one that seems right only to be unable to reach the owner.
  • If possible, include two methods of contact, such as telephone and email.


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