Finding the Best Used Car Dealerships

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What Are Some Better Practices Among Used Car Dealerships?

Finding the Best Used Car Dealerships

Before you purchase a car or truck from a used car dealership it is a good idea to ask about any guarantees or services they offer if problems arise after the sale. For example:

  • Does the used car dealer offer any kind of a return policy? Some dealerships offer very limited money back guarantees if you change your mind within the first few days of the sale.
  • Other used car dealerships may offer warranties of 30 to 60 days after the sale.

Look for a Used Car Dealership that Provides a Certified Inspection

  • Certified inspections can help a used car feel new again.
  • They can also reduce or eliminate many of the troubles formerly associated with buying used cars.

Look for a Used Car Dealer that Researches and Guarantees Your Used Car Title
No used car dealer should knowingly sell you a car that has been flooded, salvaged or has an inaccurate odometer reading. In fact, if you discover any of these things to be the case after the sale, it is reasonable to expect that you would want a refund. Also, be sure you are working with a dealer that is willing to provide a refund with proof of odometer tampering, etc.



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