Think Like a Buyer to Sell Your Used Car Fast

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How Can I Get the Best Deal for My Used Car?

Think Like a Buyer to Sell Your Used Car Fast

In order to sell your used car fast, you should think like a buyer. Here are some ideas:

Compare Used Car Prices
Consult several of the usual sources such as, NADA used car price guide and Kelley Blue Book's used car prices. It is also a good idea to see how much your make and model goes for in your area. When you price well, everyone wins.

Take the Car for a Test Drive
Pretend you haven't driven your used car for the last 100,000; this is your first time behind the wheel. Think like a potential buyer. What do you notice?

Inspect Your Car as a Potential Buyer
Your used car is likely to have a problem or two. It is better that you find it before the buyer does. If the buyer finds the problem first, any used car prices you were counting on may fade fast. Sellers should appear confident and knowledgeable about the used car. If not, two things are likely to happen – the buyer may assume you are dishonest and you will lose the sale or the buyer will assume you can be taken advantage of because you sound clueless. In either case the price you get is less likely to match any used car estimate you've researched.



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