Maximizing Used Car Trade in Values

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How Can I Maximize Used Car Trade in Values

Maximizing Used Car Trade in Values

Should you sell or trade your used car? Generally, selling gets better used car prices than trading, but if you prefer to trade, here is what you should know about used car prices.

Trading Does Offer Benefits
If your time is money, trading may be the right way to go. What you lose in used car blue book values you just may gain in time.

Selling Requires a Commitment of Time to Maximize Used Car Market Value
Sure, you'll probably get higher used car prices when you sell, but when? And how long will it take? Sellers should be prepared to advertise – costs vary but you can likely place an ad for approximately $40. You may also have to invest in repairs to make your used car market ready.

Get Your Car Ready to Place in the High Range of Blue Book Used Car Prices.

  • How?
    • Fix problems that can be reasonably repaired. That may mean having the upholstery cleaned, the body buffed or painted, etc.
    • Do not hide problems that cannot be repaired.
    • Gather service records.

You Don't Have to Sell to an Individual

  • Research used car prices and determine what your car is worth. If you want to avoid the hassle of ads and showing, but you still want to boost your profit margin, try selling to a used car dealer.



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