Avoid Some of the Common Pitfalls of Selling a Car

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What Are Some of the Pitfalls of Selling a Car?

Avoid Some of the Common Pitfalls of Selling a Car

When you sell your car, you could run into a few problems. Use these tips to avoid the pitfalls.

Make the Test Drive Safe

  • Of course the potential buyer will want to take the car for a test drive. Protect yourself by:
    • Riding along (arrange to have a friend with you for safety).
    • Checking for a valid driver's license and adequate car insurance before you get in the car.
    • Retain control of the keys. Do not leave the keys in the ignition if you get out of the car, even if it is only for a moment. It is not a thief's job to announce his/her intentions or to “look the part.”

Weed Out Time Wasters
Let's face it; selling a car can be time consuming. Don't compound the problem by concentrating your efforts on individuals that will never be buyers.

Don't Turn Down Reasonable Offers
It is wise to have your price range in mind when selling a car, but that shouldn't mean you can't be flexible to make the sale. The potential buyer offers a price that is $200 or so less than your firm offer. Should you take it? Unless you have another serious offer, probably so. You may easily spend at least half that much with ongoing advertising and insurance or registration fees if you hold onto the car.



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