What to Do When Your Used Car Won't Sell

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What Can I Do if My Used Car Won't Sell?

What to Do When Your Used Car Won't Sell

So you've tried everything to sell your car. You've cleaned it up, set a fair price and advertised everywhere you can think of. Now what? Here are some tips to sell your car when all else has failed.

Get Help
You've heard of consignment stores for clothes and furniture. Consignment services also exist for cars. If you haven't had any luck selling your car, you may want to give a broker a try. Before you decide, research the service carefully to be sure that you are dealing with an honest operation.

Consider a Used Car Dealer
Mega sellers, such as CarMax, purchase cars from individuals all the time. There is even a bonus – say your car is more popular and more likely to sell in another market, a mega seller can get it there and off your hands.

Try an Auto Auction
An online auction site, such as eBay motors, may offer just the opportunity you need to sell your car. Set a start and stop date, then watch the bids roll in. One caveat; be sure you understand about auto scams such as fake escrow services before you take this route.

When all Else Fails, Don't Forget Charity
You may eligible for a tax credit and the opportunity to help someone else is priceless.



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