Buying a Used Car from an Owner: What Not to Do

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What Shouldn't I Do When Buying a Used Car from an Individual?

Buying a Used Car from an Owner: What Not to Do

An auto for sale by owner is often a great deal. You can improve your chances of a great used car buying experience by following these tips.

Don't Buy Without a Vehicle History Report

  • No matter what the private seller says, it is up to you to do some research. A vehicle history report will tell you if:
    • The car has been flooded – even if it looks and drives perfectly now, you may be in for some very hefty repair bills later.
    • The car has been in a major accident – again you could just be buying a big headache.

Don't Buy Without Having the Car Inspected by a Qualified Mechanic

  • Private used car sellers usually offer the car as is. After the sale, any problems that may come up are usually all yours. Let a mechanic find any problems before you buy so you can make the most informed decision.

Don't Let Your Heart Rule Your Head

  • The old saying, haste makes waste applies to used car sales, too. You don't have to buy the car the minute you see it. Take a moment to think if this is really the best choice. What are the downsides of this decision? How will you feel about this decision a year from now?



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