Child Car Seat Safety

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What is the correct usage of a child car seat?

Child Car Seat Safety

Parents in the northwestern part of the United States who may be looking for used cars in Seattle, Washington not only have a plethora of used car dealerships, but also some excellent resources on child car seat safety. According to Seattle's Swedish Medical Center, here is some helpful information about purchasing a child car seat.

Here are some of the highlights of correct child car seat usage:

  • Always use a car seat when transporting your infant or young child.
  • Familiarize yourself with car seat instructions as well as your vehicle's user's manual.
  • Child car seats should always be placed in the back seat.
  • Use proper harness slots to latch the car seat in place. Be sure the straps lie flat.
  • Once buckled in, test the security of the car seat by tugging on it. It should not move in any direction.
  • Keep the car seat tilted back to about a 45° angle to keep your baby's head from flopping forward.



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