Reliable SUVs from Nissan

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What's a good used SUV to purchase?

Reliable SUVs from Nissan

If you've settled on buying an SUV, have a look at used Nissan Pathfinders (2001 and newer are the best of the lot). This mid-sized SUV is essentially the same as the Infinity QX4, but the latter simply has more luxury options. With the Pathfinder's 3.5-litre VQ engine, you can rely on low-end torque and good towing capacity, (about 250 horsepower with the 5-speed manual transmission and 240 horsepower with 4-speed automatic transmission).

Keeping your Pathfinder in good shape simply requires regular maintenance, such as checking engine oil, transmission fluid, and tire pressure -- all of which are vital areas with SUVs. Your dealer can go over specific areas you'll need to watch out for or you can ask a Nissan mechanic. Take care of minor problems as early as possible to ensure a long life for your used vehicle.



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