Extra Protection for Your Used Honda

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Why can't I make a copy of my used car's ignition key?

Extra Protection for Your Used Honda

If you buy a relatively recent model used Honda, try to get two copies of the key. Here's why: Many top-end car manufacturers, like Honda, have begun adding a microchip to the car's ignition key as an anti-theft device. If you get only one key when your purchase your used vehicle, you may find yourself out of luck when you want to keep a spare set in the house or hidden somewhere on the car for emergencies. You will be able to make copies of the key at a hardware store, but they will most likely only open doors and your trunk. In order to get another key for your vehicle, you'll have to contact the manufacturer directly. Speak with your used car dealer to see if the car you're interested in uses the microchip technology in its keys.



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