Get an Inspection on the Used Car

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How Can You Avoid Used Car Scams?

Get an Inspection on the Used Car

Buying a used car can offer significant savings over a new car unless you are the victim of car dealer fraud. Here is what you should know about avoiding the car scams that can leave you on foot.

Use An Inspection Checklist

  • Inspection checklist are widely available (used car guides or Internet sites are good sources). The checklist may help you narrow your choices to those that are worth a mechanic's inspection.

Get a Mechanic's Inspection

  • Costs vary from state to state (the average is around $100).
  • Inspectors are listed under headings such as "pre-purchase inspection."
  • Ask the mechanic for a full written report of all findings. You should discuss these findings with the used car dealer.
  • If the dealer does not allow you to remove the vehicle from the lot for inspection, you can arrange to have the dealer deliver the vehicle for inspection. You will be responsible for associated costs.

Know Something About the Car Other Than the Make and Model.
You can avoid used car fraud by getting additional information about the car from:

  • The previous owner
  • Reviewing service records
  • Purchasing a vehicle history report ( is a popular resource).



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