Online Car Buying Scams

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How Can I Avoid Car Buying Scams?

Online Car Buying Scams

Purchasing a used car online can be a terrific choice in terms of selection and convenience. However, car buying scams are one drawback of online used car purchases. If you are considering buying a used car via the Internet, here are some tips to help you avoid car buying scams.

Choose Your Own Escrow Service
When you purchase online, an escrow service is supposed to be your guarantee that the seller doesn't take your money and run. If the dealer suggests or demands that you use a specific escrow service, do not move forward with the deal.

Avoid Any Deal That “Seems to Good to be True”
Common sense? That old adage is a good way to avoid used car fraud. Sure, we all want to get something for little or nothing but greed and/or naiveté is a sure way to get nothing at all.

Research the Escrow Service First
There are simple steps you can take to protect yourself from used car fraud when you are buying online.

  • Check with the Better Business Bureau for all parties you intend to conduct business with. You may also check with the Secretary of State to be sure the agency is registered and in good standing.
  • Review associated websites carefully. Look for sites that are professional and responsive. For example, are there any misspelled words? When you send an email with a question or comment, do you receive a response?

Car buying scams don't happen to everyone. Most often, used car buying experiences are positive. You have a better chance of avoiding used car fraud with research and patience. Buy with your eyes wide open.



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