Need a Dodge Part? Check Out Salvage Yards!

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Are salvage yard parts reliable?

Need a Dodge Part? Check Out Salvage Yards!

It may seem a bit dodgy (pun intended) to search for replacement parts for your used Dodge in a salvage yard, but modern salvage yard shops are actually a reliable and inexpensive resource. It's similar to organ donations in humans: Many broken Dodges are sent to salvage yards to be dismantled and have their usable parts harvested. Professional mechanics are able to assess which parts are in good enough shape to resell. The parts are cleaned, serviced (if necessary) and re-tagged for individual sale. It's your call as to whether you purchase major parts from a salvage yard, but less vital items like bumpers, head- and taillights, seats or radiators are a good buy from places like these.



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