Road Tripping the Smart Way

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What's a good road trip vehicle?

Road Tripping the Smart Way

Planning a serious road trip means buying a serious vehicle. It may seem romantic to take to the open road in a VW bus -- or even smart, considering you can get pretty creative with your own maintenance on a VW -- but you're better off buying a used Dodge van (or a Ford, or a Chevy). Here's why:

  • If you need parts, you're more likely to find them in smaller towns
  • Many used vans have amenities like comfortable seating, power steering and brakes, air conditioning, etc.
  • Many of the newer used vehicles handle better
  • Depending on the terrain, you'll need a vehicle that has enough power to climb hills
No one wants to get stuck in Nowheresville, USA with an unreliable vehicle. Find yourself something like a well-kept used Dodge Cargo Van and take the stress (and discomfort!) out of your road trip.



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