Two Chevys Make the Top 10 Guy Car List!

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What's a good "guy" car?

Two Chevys Make the Top 10 Guy Car List!

Sure, cars are functional. We need them to get around. But car enthusiasts know that the type of car you drive says a lot about you. The gang at (based on the popular and very funny NPR program of the same name) did an online poll to decide which were the top 10 Guy Cars of All Time. Not one, but two Chevy models made the cut!

The Chevy Camaro: All the horsepower in this vehicle got it voted into the list. Power is sexy, after all...

The Chevy Corvette: With its generous hood-to-cab ratio, this car was an aesthetic favorite.

The best news is you can find used Camaros and Corvettes at reasonable prices. Be sure to see your used Chevy dealer to learn more.



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