Trucks and Kids

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Trucks and Kids

Truck fans who have children -- or are looking to start a family soon -- may not like this tip. Many parents and parents-to-be begin searching for used vehicles as their family expands. A big question is whether or not to get a used truck or a used car. While trucks may look big, brawny, and safe, they simply are not safe enough for small children. Children have to sit in the back of a vehicle. This is due to the fact that in case of an accident, the contents of the vehicle (i.e., you and your family) will be shot forward, in most cases. Keeping seatbelts on at all times in a moving vehicle can reduce catastrophic results in an accident, however. To be on the safe side, it's best to choose a used car if you have or intend to have a family. If you're really keen on trucks, select a used truck that has a safe back seat, such as the Ford Explorer.



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