Dealership Radius

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What is a dealership radius?

Dealership Radius

Perhaps in your search for a used car you've heard of the term "dealership radius." What exactly does this mean? In short, the term defines the geographic area in which a used car dealer is looking to sell his/her inventory. It could be as small as 30 miles or as much as 200 miles around the dealership's location. Essentially, the dealership wants a buyer to be relatively close, for both the buyer's convenience as well as the dealership's.

You can use the dealership radius to your advantage by incorporating it into your online search for a used car. For example, entering "used cars Chicago Illinois" into a search engine will bring up all the used dealerships who have used cars in Chicago Illinois. (Obviously, you should be living in the Chicago area as well!)

Bonus Tip: Enter an exact car make and model (i.e., "Ford Escort") as well as your location to further narrow your search on



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