Toyota Hybrids: Packing in the Power

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Are used hybrid cars less powerful?

Toyota Hybrids: Packing in the Power

Many used car buyers are wary of choosing a hybrid because they fear hybrids don't have as much power as standard gas engine vehicles. Here's an interesting comparison that debunks that myth:

The Lexus RX400h and the Toyota Highlander Hybrid have the same 270-horsepower system. Honda also has a powerful hybrid Accord, which is the fastest hybrid on the market today. Additionally, Toyota's Volta boasts a 408-horsepower system. These hybrids are actually a more efficient system because combining a gasoline engine with battery power gives engineers who design them more control over how each vehicle will perform -- from fuel efficiency to speed, regardless of the size of the vehicle.

You'll pay a little more for a used hybrid vehicle because of the new technology, but over time you'll be saving money by reducing the amount of gas you'll need to buy. Besides that, most would agree that helping take care of the earth is priceless!



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