Cleaning Oil Spills on Upholstery

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How do I clean grease off my upholstery?

Cleaning Oil Spills on Upholstery

You spend so much time keeping the outside of your car clean, but what should you do if, say, you spill grease or oil on the back seat of your used Nissan?

  1. Scrape up all excess grease with a dull knife.
  2. Pour a little de-greasing liquid onto a paper towel. (Try Goo Gone, Lestoil, or even a strong anti-grease dishwashing liquid.)
  3. Dab at the spill, using a fresh part of the paper towel each time you dab.
  4. Repeat until the bulk of the stain has lifted.
  5. Wash with grease-cutting detergent and water.
  6. Let air dry.
You may need to repeat these steps a few times until the stain has lifted.



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