Mileage on a Dodge Ram Truck

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Are 100k miles on a used truck too much?

Mileage on a Dodge Ram Truck

Many of us consider a used vehicle's mileage as a motivating (or deterring) factor before we purchase that vehicle. Typically, the higher the mileage, the more concern we have that the car or truck is going to conk out relatively soon. However, if you're considering a Dodge Ram truck, you have a little more wiggle room where mileage is concerned. As long as the truck is in good condition when you buy it, a model like the Dodge Ram SLT runs on diesel and so is quite reliable after 100,000 miles. Some have even been known to work well at up to three times that many miles! If you're interested in buying a used truck and don't have a problem with diesel fuel, consider the Dodge Ram and have no worries if the mileage is hovering around 100k.



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